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A large number of both European and Non-European citizens are moving to Malta. Some of the reasons for this growing inundation include Malta’s central position, the quality of life and fair cost of living. The low crime rate along with the diverse number of business possibilities have also pushed a lot of individuals to set up or relocate their business to Malta. If you are looking to relocate, Alan Attard can manage your activities, whether it’s launching a bank account or acquiring residency status along with a work permit.


Were you aware that Malta has both excellent tax incentives for High Net Worth and Highly Qualified Individuals? If you satisfy the relative legislative prerequisite, we could minimise tax on your income to a flat rate of 15%. This is the perfect time to move to the Maltese Islands! Moving can be challenging, so contact us and put forward your details so that we can make the relocation simpler for you. Alan Attard strives to be your reliable point of contact prior to your relocation and during your time on the island!






Malta’s economy could be regarded as one of the most rapidly growing economies in the EU. Despite already possessing an exceptionally trained and knowledgeable work force, the wide range of companies located in Malta are constantly on the hunt for resources. Forward your CV to us before coming to Malta and we will set up various interviews before you get here, in order for you to plan your relocation in a more organised manner. We join up with many trusted partners who work within the online gaming, financial services and information technology departments, just to mention a few. If you are contemplating taking up employment in Malta, allow us to assist you in fulfilling your goals, so as you can acquire the Mediterranean and European quality of life that you have earned.






Property values in Malta are continuously on the rise as a result of the island’s small size and an escalating international demand. There has never been a better time to get into the market.


As a co-founder and shareholder of Island Properties, Alan Attard is poised to assist should you be looking to buy or rent any form of dwelling whilst you on the island. Ranging from long lets to temporary accommodation, Island Properties has over 10,000 rental apartments with the vast majority in prime areas. Alan Attard can also help if you are looking to buy any type of property, whether as a main residence or as an investment. From discovering the suitable property, to all the legalities and tax affairs, our property experts at Island Properties will be at your disposal to accommodate your needs.





Alan Attard is constantly dabbling in real estate development. Currently converting a house to a block of apartments. in Sliema. While most are retained to be utilised as rental apartments, a few are available for sale direct from owner without agency fees due.

Should you have an old house that you wish to convert into apartments, as a retirement plan or or otherwise, Alan is well poised to assist from liaising with architects and Planning Authority to get permits through on site visits at construction stage.. 


We build start to finish including the bathrooms, doors, bedrooms etc till turning the lock of the door hence the term turnkey. Once all of this is finished, you can move in immediately.


For an updated list of properties for sale –  click here




Also, we provide the service of condominium management. We manage blocks of apartments which we ensure that everything is running smoothly. The services that are provided with this include repairs, leasing, maintenance, rent collection etc.





In addition, we cater for property management. Similar to condominium management, we help manage property for those who are too busy to manage it themselves. The list of services we provide goes on including services such as handling security matters and carry out inspections on the property.






The Individual Investor Programme which has been embraced not long ago, allows approved investors to acquire a Maltese Passport, and so acquire access to establishment rights and business options all over the EU. By obtaining a Maltese Passport by way of this programme, you and your assistants could ultimately be deemed European Citizens with liberty to move throughout all of the EU. This is a one-off occasion to acquire bona fide citizenship within the confines of a natural, politically steady and highly regarded jurisdiction. The Maltese Government has declared that a limit of 1,800 candidates will be admitted and so if you are intend to apply do so promptly. Along with the aforementioned, a Maltese passport provides you with visa-free travel to more than 160 countries, Schengen status, connection to local highly regarded banks and potential tax planning advantages. To be eligible for this program you must meet the following specifications:


    • The candidate must obtain immovable property in Malta valued at €350,000 minimum, or let out property for at least 5 years at a rental value of €16,000 per year minimum.
    • The candidate must make a donation of €650,000 to the National Development and Social Fund.
    • The candidate must invest in stocks/bonds/Special Purpose Vehicles validated by the regulator, to be held for a span of 5 years.  



Alan Attard has thus far helped in the acquirement of citizenship through this program and can offer assistance in the registration and obtainment of a Maltese Passport by Investment. We strive to  make the process as orderly as possible and we will interact with the regulator in your name. Alan Attard is capable of sourcing high quality properties within which you may set your investment and will be your frame of reference with regard to acquiring your passport. We encourage you to contact us for a preliminary consultation so as to bring about and later allow you to be a part of the ever-expanding Maltese European community.








To be eligible for the Malta Residency by Investment Programme (under the Malta Residence and Visa Regulations) you must meet the following specifications:


    • The candidate must obtain qualifying property, held for at least 5 years, valued at at least €320,000, or let out property for at least 5 years at a rent value of €12,000 minimally per year. If the property is situated in the Southern Region or in Gozo, it must be valued at at least €270,000 or €10,000 respectively.
    • The candidate must make a donation of €30,000 to the National Development and Social Fund.
    • The candidate must invest in qualifying investment such as Government bonds, having a starting value of €250,000, to be held for a span of 5 years from the date of issue of the residence certificate.




Legal Guidance

Whether your issue is related to a lawsuit or merely the drafting of a contract, Alan Attard associates with many elite law firms that can equip you with a reliable and helpful legal professional in Malta. Get in touch for a private consultation and we will appoint the ideal legal professional for your particular necessities.



Financial Guidance

Alan Attard has the required background and contacts to supply you with custom-made tax resolutions, guidance on the repatriation of funds, and general financial counsel. We once more encourage you to contact us with respect to your particular needs, so that we can appoint a trusted professional from our company.

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