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If you’re planning on opening up or relocating your business, Malta is the place to do so. Being that it’s well-positioned, with profitable tax legislation, Malta is the popular option for a lot of business-related establishments. As part of the European Union, Malta follows European regulations, thus being an on-shore jurisdiction. This guarantees access to European as well as international markets. However, relocating your company does not require your pre-existing company to be dissolved. Malta’s regulations allow companies which are being moved to be acknowledged by the regional registrar, such that there will be a smooth and uninterrupted flow between the jurisdiction pertaining to your region and Malta.


Beginning business in Malta would make your company eligible to: 

    • Profitable corporate taxation
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Strong regulation and a positive standing
    • Political strength
    • A firmly established banking system inside a multinational commercial environment
    • An informed work team


Alan Attard provides complete back-end and administrative services to new companies as well as pre-existing ones which would like to move to Malta. With regards to pre-existing companies, Alan Attard assures entire business continuance. Malta’s standing as a multinational onshore commercial hub means that it’s also a very good place for companies revolving around financial services. Furthermore, Alan Attard, offers corporate guidance to various types of investment funds – retail, professional investor, pension and so on.


Get in touch for more information and suitable service will be willingly provided, in order to strengthen your operations and boost your bottom line.







If you are on the look out for valuable resources, Alan Attard, will work tirelessly with recruiters and international head hunters to bring forth the most qualified individuals for the job and carry out preliminary interviews to filter out candidates. Apart from being both money and time-saving for you, this would mean that your work team is built before you are even settled in Malta.



Paying your staff correctly and on time is a simple yet vital task to ensure your valuable employees remain satisfied. For this reason payroll management is one of the smaller yet more complex administrative tasks that need to be handled correctly. We keep abreast with the latest changes in legislation and benefits to ensure that you don’t have to.

Whether a one man show or up to 150 employees, we can assist you with Weekly, biweekly or monthly payroll;

Payment and reporting to the Maltese Inland Revenue

Preparation of Payroll and Payslips

Compilation of all employment forms for employer and employee

Drafting of employment contracts

Work licence applications and PE number application







As Director of EU Travellers, Alan provides the opportunity to inters to be able to gain experience. These interns will work for a short period of time with your company without pay. Most of the interns would be undergraduates looking for experience in the field you assign them to. You can benefit from these interns because you have the option of employing the best interns to help you and your company move forward.





Allow us to create the best version of your business model. Whether you are an online establishment aspiring to ground your back office in Malta or you are searching for the best means to grow, we can offer legal and business advice intended to aid you to attain your objectives. Our expert knowledge covers:

    • Both business and legal counsel on compliance
    • Project scope, management & technical architecture
    • User experience, user interface design & software development
    • Search Engine Optimisation & social media marketing Alan Attard would be pleased to become your local partner in worldwide business!





Remote Gaming laws in 2004 have led to a substantial growth in the Remote Gaming Business in Malta, so much so that there are more than 330 Remote Gaming Operators operating in or out of, including leading industry competitors like Betsson, Bet-365 and Ladbrokes, Tipico and Betfair to name a few. Gaming companies generated €700 million in 2017; which amounted to 12% of the Maltese economy, employing over 9,000 people.

The expenses associated with establishing or relocating a remote gaming enterprise to Malta are advantageous for newly established businesses too. Thus, one can acquire a market presence at ease upon acquiring a Maltese Remote Gaming Licence, which is well-recognised and certified by the EU.


By opting for Malta as the region within which to ground your remote gaming enterprise, your company will be entitled to:

    • Inexpensive licensing fees compared to others in the EU
    • Profitable corporate taxation
    • A growing local industry with specialists and skilful advisors
    • Officially accredited licence, allowing entry into non-native markets
    • Enterprise-friendly laws within a mature business environment
    • English-speaking authority


Alan Attard can help you acquire a Maltese Licence and deliver continuous expert advice and services which adhere to your company’s objectives, to secure business stability when set up in Malta. We are also capable of supplying office areas and expert resources, even directors, who would supervise the company’s back-end activities so that you would be free to focus solely on your company’s development.





Alan Attard collaborates with private accountancy and auditing companies so we can provide you with annual audits, quarterly financial records, feasibility analyses, advice regarding your business plan, along with general financial suggestions.





Due to Malta’s unwavering but just legislation impeding money laundering, Maltese banks are well-respected. As a matter of fact, a vast number of banks, both commercial and personal, have been set up in Malta lately. We can liaise with banks or financial institutions in the name of your company and open accounts through trusted competent partners, dependent on your needs. To offer this service we would need complete comprehension of your commercial or personal necessities. For more information or a consultation please contact us.





Malta’s positioning and existence within the European Single Market have caused it to become a preferred residence for global business entrepreneurs, validated by Malta’s exceptionally advantageous tax programme. The customary corporate tax rate for non residents in Malta is 35 percent, but contingent on the kind of business, we are able to provide final tax rates of just 5 percent. This is obtained through a number of tax refunds which have been put into effect in the interest of companies and Maltese partaking holding companies, with the intention of drawing foreign investors to Malta.

Malta’s full imputation tax system guarantees that returns which are a consequence of a post corporate tax pay out are not taxed once again.

Malta’s tax system along with its various participation in Double Tax Agreements, make it the European Union’s onshore affiliate of choice when it comes to taxation. Alan Attard is well informed of such tax advantages, and is in contact with various financial professionals, so as to offer you tax recommendations directed at making the most of your corporate tax rate.





Alan Attard collaborates with private accountancy and auditing companies so we can provide you with annual audits, quarterly financial records, feasibility analyses, advice regarding your business plan, along with general financial suggestions.

Alan Attard offers extensive ongoing compliance services. We are set up with suitable professionals and compliance officers so as to decrease any uncertainties and keep your business position constant throughout. This applies to both businesses in a particularly regulated sector like remote gaming or investment services, as well as to companies which are subject to generally ongoing reporting obligations to the Malta Financial Services Authority. Alan Attard has the ability to present an outsourced compliance expert to your company, who will frequently collaborate with your management and prepare any required compliance documentation.





With the complexity of Vat rules which are constantly evolving, many businesses choose to outsource their VAT calculations to professional tax experts. Since Malta forms part of the EU VAT system, should the management and control be situated in Malta, then the company may apply for an EU-Compliant VAT number. Getting this correct the first time round is essential to be able to benefit from swift tax refunds, as well as avoiding you hefty fines which could have a major impact on the business cash flow and profitability.

Alan Attard is in a position to assist with VAT Registration, VAT Returns compilation and calculation as well as VAT refunds claims and recovery.





Irrespective of where the company conducts its business, a Maltese company must, by law, have its registered office in Malta. This is where the company must hold its corporate documents (such as company registers, annual accounts, Vat Certificates and documents of incorporation) for public inspection. By avoiding the expenses of any short or long term rental agreements, a registered address is an easy solution for those willing to establish a legal presence in Malta.

As a co-founder and shareholder of Island Properties, Alan Attard is well poised to service any of your Real estate needs.





Starting a new business can be quite demanding. As a new business owner, most of your energies should be driven towards growth. For this reason, many small companies opt to start off small and prefer a serviced office space. A private office room with shared facilities, avoids the need of expensive and lengthy office rental contracts or any kind of office or commercial space, if you wish to relocate to Malta or even if you would like to outsource such operations from your region.

As a co-founder and shareholder of Island Properties, Alan Attard can supply you with any commercial real estate you require.



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